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Reviews for Ella - Princess, Saint & Martyr

Ella's story combines love, riches and tragedy. Christopher Warwick marshals an impressive dossier of research, drawing extensively on primary sources, to bring to life the lost worlds of late 19th Century royalty and the sumptuous last gasp of the Romanovs. It is hard to imagine a more rigorous study of a woman who, unusually in the annals of history, combined the roles of society beauty and latter-day saint.
Matthew Dennison - The Mail on Sunday

As Christopher Warwick's biography of Ella aptly demonstrates, unravel one biography of a late-19th Century European royal and the entire dynasty unfolds... the extravagant weight of [Warwick's] research conspires to leave us with a portrait of a life that lingers in the imagination.
Kate Colquhoun - Daily Telegraph

The story of Princess Ella has [rarely] been written before, and Christopher Warwick's fast-paced, well-researched biography fills a gap in the literature of royal lives.
Jane Ridley - Times Literary Supplement

Warwick's biography is freighted with domestic and cultural detail and weighted with tragedy.
The Times

Christopher Warwick has produced a definitive biography of a woman who is still subject to rumour and misunderstanding. This very well-written book has dug deep into the Royal Archives in Britain as well as in Russia and Hesse to produce a wealth of previously unknown documents and correspondence. Elisabeth Feodorovna left no diary or autobiography. This thoroughly factual biography makes one understand much better than any hagiography why millions of Orthodox genuinely revere this princess. To me Elisabeth Feodorovna is one of the last century's true heroes. Christopher Warwick's book will tell you why.
Konstantin Eggert, BBC Moscow Bureau Editor - The Tablet

The path from the summit of worldly wealth to the poverty of imprisonment, ending in brutal murder, is one few have trodden. It could hardly fail to be powerful and moving, however presented, but by gently drawing back the veil of holiness to focus afresh on the woman who enjoyed and endured all this, Christopher Warwick has given the story a new power and a subtle shift of meaning. Ella was, after all, one of us, and her story gains immensely through this retelling.
Charlotte Zeepvat - Royalty Digest

Riveting and so unutterably moving. What a tour de force! Combines sparkling detail with the grim realities of the last decades of Imperial Russia. Ella lives, and we live all the dramas and the tragedies with her. This is a powerful, stunning and poignant book that deserves widespread recognition.
Alison Weir - Celebrated best-selling author and historian

The reader is in expert hands as Christopher Warwick tells the inspiring, partly tragic story of the Grand Duchess Elisabeth, leading from its romantic start to its terrible conclusion. Warwick has mastered the material, and guides us sympathetically through the story, adding much that is new.
The book lingers with you long after you have finished it.
Hugo Vickers - Royal historian and best-selling author